Simple, Easy Tooth Extractions

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Losing a tooth is never ideal and can be very discouraging. We are here to help alleviate some of that stress. Extracting a tooth, although frustrating, can be the best solution to preserving the life of your other teeth and oral health. We commonly recommend extractions if the tooth is non-restorable due to dental decay, gum disease, dental trauma or orthodontic purposes. Whatever your situation may be, we will guide you through the next steps in your treatment. In your consultation with Dr. Epstein, he will counsel you on the extraction process and discuss advanced tooth replacement options.

Signs that you may need an extraction

dr epstein discussing tooth extraction procedure seattle wa

Tooth Extractions: What to Expect

Tooth extraction is relatively simple, but can be complex depending on your situation. Simple extractions involve locally numbing the area around a tooth and effectively removing it with specialized instruments. You have the option of being awake or asleep for this type of procedure, we leave that up to you and your comfort level.

Complex surgical extractions involve impacted teeth, teeth in an unfavorable position or actively infected teeth. We generally recommend being sedated for these types of extractions but this will be discussed at your consultation with Dr. Epstein. We carefully numb the area for treatment and effectively remove the tooth. In some cases, a bone graft is placed within the extraction site, covered by a suitable membrane and closed using sutures. We continue to assist you with all your post operative care and concerns while you recover.

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