The Ease of Surgery With Sedation

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Fearful about surgery? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

It is a common feeling to be anxious or worried about undergoing any type of surgery. We’re here to ease your anxieties and address concerns with options best fitting your needs. Our team here at Green Lake Oral and Facial Surgery are extensively trained and certified in oral/maxillofacial surgery anesthesia.

What We Offer:

Put Your Trust in Trained Surgeons

Treatment from us is a worry-free experience. That’s because Dr. Epstein has the highest level of training you can attain in the dental field and expertly administers all sedation options we offer. In addition, he’s trained alongside medical residents in a hospital-based setting, so he can handle medical emergencies and properly provide the correct level of anesthesia—no matter how anxious or fearful you are—to ensure your complete comfort and safety. Using high-tech AccuVein® technology, we can accurately detect your vein position with near-infrared illumination, making the process of receiving sedation even easier and more comfortable than ever. It is ok to feel anxious about undergoing surgery, but don’t let it keep you from getting the care you need. Rest assured, you have come to the right place.

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For Pediatric Patients

While most dental procedures for children are done with local anesthetic, oftentimes very young, fearful or uncooperative children require sedation. The decision for sedation is based on your child’s health history, temperament and dental needs. Our number one priority is your child’s safety and creating an easy, stress free experience for everyone. We work with one of the top dual board certified dental anesthesiologists Dr. Simon Prior. He was born in England, lived in New Zealand, Germany and now resides here in Washington state. Dr. Prior has been in practice as a dental anesthesiologist since the early 90’s. 

Dr. Prior’s credentials include –

Comfortable surgery is possible.