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Dental implants are widely considered the best tooth replacement option in dentistry today. However, they are a substantial investment which leaves many patients with further questions. If you are wondering about dental implants, you are certainly not alone and we’re glad that you are inquiring about this option. Being informed about dental implants, the treatment process, and the specialists and technology that are involved is the first step in deciding whether they are right for you. Providing education for our patients is a top priority at our Seattle, WA practice. This involves developing a genuine and open relationship between you, our team, and our oral surgeons. We’re glad you are investing in your long-term health by considering dental implants. We encourage you to read through these frequently asked questions and then schedule your consultation with Dr. Epstein to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for a permanent tooth replacement, dental implants are your best (and only) option. Implants are designed to function like your natural teeth, providing health and aesthetic benefits as well. Choosing dental implants means you can enjoy eating, speaking, and laughing as if you never lost your natural tooth or teeth.

Dental implants have retained a greater than 95 percent success rate since their inception decades ago. At our Seattle, WA practice, we use advanced technologies to plan and carry out your treatment to ensure that the implants we place are long-lasting. With proper at-home and professional care, your implants can last your lifetime.

The cost of dental implants is determined on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on your unique needs. Some patients may only need extraction of a single tooth that can be immediately replaced with a dental implant. Others require bone grafting and full arch tooth replacement. We determine your cost after a comprehensive consultation and evaluation.

You can replace any number of failing or missing teeth with dental implants! We provide single, multiple, and full arch solutions at our office.

While it is possible that your dentist may place implants, it is important to know that oral surgeon like Dr. Epstein attend many years of specialized training. This includes a surgical-based residency program and advanced hands-on training in dental surgery, bone grafting, and extractions. More than being technically skilled to place implants, Dr. Epstein is the most qualified of all the specialists to do so and is an ideal choice for your treatment.

Most patients are candidates for dental implants. Even if other doctors have told you that you do not qualify for implants, Dr. Epstein’s advanced surgical training allows him to perform procedures that fall outside the scope of other specialists. We can determine your candidacy after a comprehensive evaluation at our office.

Bone loss is a natural consequence of losing teeth. We specialize in advanced bone grafting techniques to restore the proper foundation for dental implants. In cases where bone is insufficient in the upper jaw, Dr. Epstein can place zygomatic implants, which secure to the zygoma (cheek) bones instead.

With our sophisticated technology, surgical skill, and custom sedation options, the chances of a painful surgery at our office are virtually zero. We are careful to ensure your treatment is comfortable from beginning to end.

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology needed to provide surgery and anesthesia. We are proud to offer safe, predictable and precise implant surgery in the comfort and convenience of our office.

Yes! In many cases, we can extract one or more teeth and place dental implants during the same surgical appointment. We will be able to determine if you are a candidate at your consultation.

Complications with dental implants are rare, though they do pose a threat to the health of the implant and the mouth. Often, complications occur due to poor habits, such as irregular oral hygiene or smoking. We will educate you on the proper way to care for your implants and your oral health to reduce the risk for any complications.

If you believe your dental implant is compromised, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Implants can be saved if treatment is timely. However, if the implant must be removed, Dr. Epstein specializes in an extraction technique that minimizes pain and trauma of the hard and soft tissues.

While we do not restore dental implants, we will partner with your dentist to ensure a seamless treatment process from consultation to final restoration.

Dental implants are cared for much like natural teeth. While they will not stain or decay, they are susceptible to bacteria that accumulates without proper brushing and flossing. Be sure to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits and visit your general dentist regularly to keep both your natural teeth and your implants safe.

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