Properly Erupted Teeth for Better Function

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What Are Impacted Teeth?

Impacted teeth are teeth that are stuck below the surface of your gums, often covered completely by bone, can grow at odd angles and are not able to erupt naturally. The treatment for this condition is fairly common and is often seen in oral surgery. Mostly present in young children and teens undergoing orthodontic treatment, we often coordinate this procedure with the orthodontist. With proper exposure in aiding eruption, teeth will be allowed adequate space to move into the proper place. The teamwork it takes on both ends ensures correct bite, function and in turn creates better oral health and reduces the need for more costly and extensive restorative treatment down the road. We welcome you to discuss these treatments with our expert team.

Precise, Pre-Planned, and Collaborative Care

Our goal is to focus on your individual patient needs so that we can properly plan your treatment and ensure the success of your surgical procedure. Dr. Epstein likes to sit down with each of his patients to discuss what you or your child can expect from treatment. While still surgery, exposure of impacted canines is rarely a complex procedure and we are equipped to complete it comfortably right here in our office. Exposure of impacted teeth involves working alongside you or your child’s orthodontist to create proper room for the tooth to erupt. Then, during a surgical procedure, Dr. Epstein will gently expose the canine by removing gum tissue and bone and attach a small bracket to the tooth. Your orthodontist will use this bracket to carefully guide the tooth into its proper and final position.

Choose the Experts for Your Surgery

As a board-certified oral surgeons, have achieved the highest level of training in surgical procedures like impacted tooth exposure. Coupled with the genuine passion he and our team share for each of our patients, we help you experience a comfortable and pleasant surgery with us. If an orthodontist has recommended that you or your child receive this surgery, we welcome you to our practice!

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