Restore The Natural Contour of Your Ears

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Restore Natural Earlobe Contours

Earlobe repair or Otoplasty, is a simple procedure that repairs stretched, split or torn earlobes. This happens from long term use of heavy earrings or commonly seen with gauged ears. This procedure has become increasingly popular and can help you restore your ears natural contour. This procedure is quick and simple and requires only local anesthetic. The excess of tissue or damaged skin is carefully removed and repositioned using sutures. Leave with new earlobes in under an hour!

After Otoplasty

Easy Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair surgery is a simple process for an expert like Dr. Epstein, who is skilled at redefining the most natural contours of your earlobes to optimize surgical outcomes and final aesthetics. While it only requires local anesthesia, we provide stronger levels of sedation if necessary. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Epstein gently removes damaged skin, then carefully repositions the tissue before suturing the area—a process that takes as little as 20 minutes. Though the incision will take a few weeks to completely heal, swelling and discomfort commonly subside in just a few days. You’ll be able to re-pierce your ears in about six weeks. Don’t let stretched, torn, or split earlobes keep you from feeling confident! Dr. Epstein can help you return natural aesthetics to your ears with skilled surgical care at our Seattle, WA office.

Pricing based on size of earlobe

Small $628
Medium $975
Large $1,159


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