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When it comes to your dental health, few circumstances are as physically and emotionally taxing as having multiple failing or missing teeth. If you currently wear dentures, it may feel as though your situation is hopeless. We are eager to share with you that it is not! While losing most or all your teeth to disease, decay, or trauma is distressing, you can get your perfect smile back with advanced dental implant solutions. Full arch dental implants can replace an entire arch of teeth with a provisional that will most likely look and feel better than even your natural teeth did. With full arch dental implants, you won’t need to suffer through the stress and discomfort of wearing loose, ill-fitting dentures or going without teeth any longer.

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How Full Arch Dental Implants Work

Since full arch dental implants replace an entire arch of teeth, treatment planning is critical to ensure accuracy in the function and aesthetics of your new smile. Working with your restorative dentist, we construct a new set of teeth and digitally plan the best locations in your jaw to surgically place your dental implants using our custom fabricated surgical guides. As oral surgical experts, we will extract any remaining teeth and add bone grafts where necessary before placing your implants. In most cases, we will have temporary dentition ready to attach to your implants the day of surgery, so you’ll leave our office with a full set of functional teeth. When your implants have fully healed and integrated with your jaw bone, your restorative dentist will attach your final and permanent set of new teeth for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Why Full Arch Dental Implants?

Full arch dental implants are a two-part plan for missing teeth replacement: the dental implants securely placed into your jaw bone and the attached full-arch prosthesis that replaces the whole arch of teeth. Together, this forms a revolutionary protocol that can restore your oral health, dental function, smile aesthetics, and overall well-being. Put simply, full arch dental implants will return you to the confident and healthy life that you want!

Restore All Your Teeth to:

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with any surgery, as a major as full arch dental implants, you want to trust the experts for your care. Our experienced team can provide the safest method of sedation, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible with your procedure. Dr. Epstein has a genuine interest in your well being as one of his patients. Building a foundation of mutual trust, it is our privilege that our patients chose us to be their care team.

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Zygomatic Implants - An Innovative Alternative

For patients with severe cases of maxillary bone resorption, or upper jaw resorption, traditional bone grafting and implants might not be the ideal option. We are offering an alternative. By placing a special implant system anchored to the Zygomatic cheek bone of the face, it allows patients the benefits of an immediate temporary fixed prosthesis after surgery. In most cases, this avoids the multiple surgeries potentially required with grafting.

Benefits to Zygomatic Implant Placement

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