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Treatment as Unique as You

Your face is one of your most defining features, yet if you are developing facial wrinkles or fine lines, it may be hard to feel like yourself. A combination of many factors causes facial lines, which will progress over time. Remarkably, with today’s cosmetic procedures and products, facial lines and wrinkles can be reduced or even eliminated more easily than ever before. With custom, non-surgical facial aesthetics treatment, we can help you feel—and look—like yourself again. A unique offering of our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, our team specializes in personalized facial aesthetics treatment as unique as you, with a wide selection of solutions, including BOTOX® and injectable fillers. With advanced training in cosmetic surgery, our oral and facial surgeons are skilled at removing cosmetic imperfections to deliver precise and subtle results so you can once again feel fully confident in your appearance.

Solutions for Any Cosmetic Need

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Why Choose Treatment from Dr. Epstein?

Why does Dr. Epstein offers cosmetic surgery and procedures at his oral and facial surgery practice? With his medical expertise and advanced training, he’s incredibly knowledgeable about the physiology of the head and neck, including the location and function of the muscles of the face. This has made him expertly-qualified to administer injections for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, such as for TMJ treatmentmigraines and facial pain. Additionally, he has trained alongside both craniofacial and cosmetic surgeons, giving him a unique advantage and perspective when it comes to providing facial aesthetics treatment for his patients. If you are looking to enhance your facial features with non-surgical cosmetic treatment, we are truly top tier, and we invite you to schedule your facial aesthetics consultation with Dr. Epstein today!

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