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Customized and Precise Surgical Care

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is a unique specialty. At Green Lake Oral and Facial Surgery, we cover a variety of conditions involving your oral health and your cosmetic concerns. We know that how you feel on the outside is just as important as you feel on the inside. Helping you gain your confidence back, your concerns are our priority.

Treatment to Get You Back to You

A simple biopsy is done by removing a small piece of abnormal tissue from your mouth. This tissue is sent to a separate pathologist for examination. The results of the biopsy will help us determine what the next steps are in your treatment. These results usually come back within a week.

Soft tissue injuries such as burns, lacerations and scarring are some of the conditions we are here to treat. Experiencing facial trauma is life altering and at times can make you feel hopeless. With our treatments you will experience little to no down time. Our team has the skills to help you get back to feeling like you again.

Broken or fractured bones of the face are a common facial injury. With 3D imaging we can precisely target the problem and present to you the next steps towards your recovery.

Tori is a benign excess of bone growth inside your mouth. It can cause discomfort, interfere with your oral hygiene, dental appliances or overall function. This procedure is not a difficult one and can be done surgically in office.

This procedure is very simple. If you have connective tissue restricting your oral function either under the tongue “tongue tied” or the area connecting your upper gums to the front teeth “lip tie”. Releasing this connective tissue allows for better mobility and function.

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