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We're Tech-Forward for You

No one ever wants to visit a surgical practice and wonder if they’re getting the most advanced care possible. That should be a given. Our team is dedicated to your safety and comfort and ensuring we’re providing the most predictable care we can. That’s why we choose to invest in the industry’s most advanced technology, including high-tech panoramic x-ray machines, 3D printing technology, and radiofrequency devices. At our Seattle, WA office, our highly experienced oral surgeons uses this advanced technology daily because your safety and the reliability and long-term outcomes of your treatment are important to us. We welcome you to our sophisticated practice for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Epstein and a tour of our modern facility. More than advancing your surgical care through technology, we want you to feel comfortable and confident receiving treatment from our team.

Specializing in Technology-Specialized Care

See what we see with high-quality digital scanning of the interior of your mouth.

Noninvasive low-level energy device used for removing keloids without damaging tissue.

Sophisticated printing technology for modeling, surgical prep, and implant guides.

Device using near-infrared light to illuminate veins in the arm for easy anesthesia administration.

High-tech 3D panoramic scanning for accurate and detailed images of your face and head.

Device using piezoelectric vibrations to precisely cut bone without harming soft tissue.

A revolutionary system that extends the capabilities of your cone beam system for simplified and more accurate dental implant procedures.
Provides accurate and objective measurements of implant stability and in turn osseointegration, serving as reliable support when making the decision on whether or not to load.

Guiding Surgery with Digital Technology

We use X-Guide™ dynamic 3D navigation for all our dental implant surgeries. Using this system, we can digitally plan your implant placement in great detail using 3D software. We also use this software to visualize the position of your new teeth in your mouth to maximize the aesthetic outcome of restorative treatment. During surgery, this dynamic technology guides us to position your implant(s) in the most ideal location in your jaw. From start to finish, your implant treatment is optimized to produce the most long-lasting aesthetic and functional benefits.

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Why Choose Our Team?

We take great pride in offering some of the most advanced and clinically sound surgical care in the Seattle, WA area. While this is a priority for us, we also love the opportunities we have to build trusting and long-lasting relationships with our patients. We understand that surgery is intimidating, which is why Dr. Epstein and our team focus first on getting to know you personally. In our living room-style atmosphere, we have helped countless patients feel at ease talking with Dr. Epstein about their current situation and future goals as they pertain to oral and facial surgery. If you need an expert oral surgeon, we invite you to experience the difference our modern office and truly caring team provides.

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