Treatment Guided by Advanced Technology

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Why Surgical Technology Matters

Dental implants have been successfully improving patients’ lives long before guided technology became the standard of care. While we do rely on our surgical expertise and skill during your treatment, we also know that surgical advances like guided implant surgery make the process more predictable and precise than ever before. Our oral surgeons incorporate advanced technology to provide patients with the best possible care, the most comfortable surgical treatment, and the greatest long-term results. We invite you to see our technology in action by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Epstein today.

Our Technology-Backed Dental Implant Process

Predictable treatment begins with treatment planning. We do this digitally, using implant planning software, intraoral cameras, and advanced CBCT imaging to develop a highly accurate, three-dimensional replication of your mouth. Using our implant planning software, we digitally plan your treatment, including designating the precise location of your implants for optimal aesthetics and long-term function. Depending on your case, we may create physical surgical guides, fabricated using our in-office 3D printer. We may also use X-Guide navigation technology to further ensure precision and control of implant placement. During surgery, we’ll rely on a live, 3D view of our drill position and your bone’s anatomy so the dental implants are placed at the most accurate location, angle, and depth in your jawbone. Because this system is dynamic, we’re also able to make precise adjustments in real time, either before or during surgery, and remain in complete control the whole time. Many times, in cases where a full arch of teeth is replaced with dental implants, we will have a temporary dentition already made so you can leave our office the day of surgery with a new set of functioning teeth. In all cases, your implant(s) will be strategically placed so that your restoring dentist has the most ideal foundation from which to create your custom crown, bridge, or full-arch prosthesis.

The Advantages of Guided Implant Surgery

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Experts in Implant Surgery

We’re trained in advanced dental surgical procedures involving missing teeth replacements like dental implants. With assistance from guided implant surgery technologies, we provide these procedures knowing the outcomes will be predictable and long-lasting. We don’t want just anyone to place your dental implants because we know how big of an investment they are to your confidence and health. Schedule your consultation at our Seattle, WA office today to learn more about the advantages of technology-backed treatment from our skilled oral surgeons. 

Let the experts guide your treatment.