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patient undergoing skin rejuvenation treatment seattle wa

Facial Skin Corrections

At Green Lake Oral and Facial Surgery we have your best interest in mind. If it’s your concern, it’s our concern. Many of our patients have come to us with other concerns like keloids and scarring. The appearance of these conditions hinder your confidence and it’s our job to help you overcome them. With our expertise and caring approach we will walk you through the process and come up with a plan that best fits your needs.

Most of these skin concerns can be done with just local anesthetic and with non-invasive radiofrequency technology. The benefits of our technology are: less tissue destruction, minimal to no scarring, decreased postoperative pain and minimal bleeding creating faster healing time.

Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

patient in need of mole removal treatment seattle wa

Mole/keloid removal

Removal of moles and keloids with minimally invasive radiofrequency technology to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

patient in need of scar revision treatment seattle wa

Scar revision

Custom treatment to remove or eliminate the visible effects of tissue scarring that occurs after trauma or surgery.

patient in need of facial bumps removal seattle wa

Facial lumps/cyst removal

Surgical removal of lumps, bumps, or cysts on the face to improve facial aesthetics and for observation, if necessary.

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Trustworthy, Expert Care

Many of our skin rejuvenation treatments are for cosmetic purposes because patients come to us feeling self-conscious about their appearance. As a team intent on building a trusting relationship with you, we want you to feel safe sharing your concerns with us and Dr. Epstein. With a judgment-free approach to caring for our patients, you’ll never have to worry if we genuinely have your best interests in mind—we will show you that we do. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Epstein at our state-of-the-art Seattle-based office if you need mole removal or other skin rejuvenation treatment.

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