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Eliminate Excess Fat for Good

If you, like many, feel self-conscious about a pronounced chin or double chin, you are not alone! Just about everyone has some aspect of their body they are not satisfied with. We can offer a solution with submental liposuction. This procedure has helped many people improve their profile by eliminating excess fat for good. The benefits of liposuction can help you gain your self confidence and youth back by showing off the contours of your face. This procedure is done under twilight sedation and only requires 3 to 4 tiny incisions along the jawline. A small tube is used to remove the fat, sculpt and tighten the neck and chin. You will leave wearing a support dressing to maximize results and reduce swelling. Because actual fat cells are removed your results are immediate.

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It is important to:

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Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment

We perform liposuction while you are under twilight sedation and comfortably relaxed in our treatment room. If you require additional sedation in order to truly feel relaxed throughout your procedure, Dr. Epstein is also certified to administer general anesthesia. Using a specialized tool, Dr. Epstein will make small incisions under the earlobes and beneath the chin and insert a tiny tube he will use to remove the fat deposits. Skillfully, he will use the tools to sculpt and tighten the neck and chin.

Once the procedure is complete, you will be fitted with a support strap that you will wear to maximize the aesthetic results and reduce swelling. The results of fat removal will be noticeable immediately, though it will take a few months for the tissue to fully heal and tighten. Because actual fat cells are removed during the process, you’ll be able to enjoy improved facial aesthetics and enhanced facial contours and definition for many years to come!


Submental liposuction – $4,250 
Jowl liposuction – $2,500

Commonly asked questions

Liposuction causes minor to moderate discomfort that is associated with swelling and bruising.

Recovery generally takes 5-7 days but full results are realized up to 3 months.

All surgeries are associated with risks. When done correctly those risks are minimal. Some things to consider are: bleeding, blood clots, facial nerve injury, scarring or asymmetry.

Once fat cells have been removed they cannot grow back. But if weight is gained after liposuction, remaining fat cells can become larger.

Once volume is removed from an area , it is possible the skin becomes saggy. The support dressing encourages skin to become firm and create contraction.

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