Cosmetic Surgery

Minimally invasive treatment options


Botox is a popular injection that temporarily eliminates frown lines and wrinkles on the face. Learn more about Botox and Dysport and how they work.


Rejuvenate your face with Juvederm – a dermal filler that can minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


Kybella causes the fat cells to permanently dissolve which contribute to a double chin.


Lip fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Restylane Silk are utilized to increase lip volume and enhance the contour of your lips.


Latisse is the only medication that can help you grow lashes that are longer, darker and fuller.

Surgical Procedures


A brow lift is a subtle and effective way to provide a more youthful, refreshed look to the forehead area by diminishing drooping eyebrows, forehead wrinkles and furrows between the eyes. Also called a forehead lift, this procedure can be custom-tailored to meet your facial rejuvenation goals.


Over the years, Dr. Matthew Epstein has helped numerous Green Lake cheek augmentation patients achieve beautiful facial contours. Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance the cheeks using injectable fillers or surgical cheek implants. Filling out the cheeks may reverse hollow or sunken cheeks that can develop over time as a result of aging, disease or hereditary traits.


Chin surgery can augment or reduce the size of your chin, creating a more balanced appearance.


Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to enhance the appearance of the ears. This procedure is frequently performed on children to help prevent the possibility of psychological damage from teasing and poor self-image. Though most commonly done on children five years of age or older, this procedure may also be performed on adults.


Dr. Matthew Epstein can repair torn or stretched earlobes with earlobe repair at Green Lake Facial Surgery. Earlobe repair is most commonly performed due to a torn earlobe, resulting from trauma or an accidental pull on the earring. This problem may also occur as a result of long-term wear of heavy earrings, which may stretch or weaken the earlobes, making them more susceptible to eventual damage.


Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is used to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. It is a way to treat excess skin and fat deposits around the eyes, giving a more youthful and energetic appearance to the face.

If your vision is obscured by excess skin and fat deposits, eyelid surgery can be performed for medical reasons and is often covered by insurance.


A face lift is a popular cosmetic surgery intended to reverse signs of facial aging. A face lift involves tightening the facial and neck muscles and removing excess skin. The end result is a more youthful, healthy energetic appearance.


Fat grafting can be used to correct skin depressions, minimize forehead wrinkles, enhance the lips and can augment your facial features without using any synthetic materials. An added benefit of this procedure is that donor fat can be taken from trouble areas elsewhere on your body.


Keloid removal can be quickly performed in our comfortable office. Keloids can be persistent and grow to large sizes. They are most commonly found on the ear or over previous wounds. With the experience of Dr. Epstein the recurrence rate for his patients is very low.


A neck lift can treat excess skin and fat in the lower neck region. Learn more about neck lifts from Green Lake cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthew Epstein.


Remove excess fat and contour your neck with liposuction at Green Lake Facial Surgery. View photos and find out more about neck liposuction and recovery.

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